Fiscal Responsibility

Government should stick to the basics and live within its means.”


The work we have done in Coronado ensures we will never have to choose between raising taxes or cutting back on public safety. Coronado lives within its means, plans for the future, and makes investments in our infrastructure. This approach resulted in a AAA bond rating for our city with virtually zero debt. We stick to the basics of local government – public safety, infrastructure and parks and get our work done on time and on budget. I am proud we have managed to maintain a high quality of life for our residents while boasting the lowest property and sales tax rates in California.”



“Our greatest public asset is our environment.”

Enviornment_preview.pngCoronado is leading to solve tangible environmental issues in our region. As a coastal community, we understand the importance of clean water and have decided to invest in building a water recycling plant and are pushing to solve the South Bay sewage spills emanating from Mexico.

By investing in a water reclamation plant, we are not only reducing water costs by millions of dollars, we are also saving approximately 500,000 gallons of water each day and proving that investments in the environment can deliver big returns for taxpayers.  We are also working with officials in Sacramento and DC to build the necessary infrastructure on both sides of the US border to end sewage spills from Mexico once and for all.

Public Safety

Safe neighborhoods create thriving communities.”

Public_Safety_preview.pngCoronado is empowering our police officers to partner with civic organizations, teachers and coaches so they can understand the pulse of our city and proactively enforce our laws. This approach creates safer streets for cars and pedestrians as well as safer neighborhoods for families.


The Basics

Keep the roads paved, parks clean, and library open.”

The_Basics_preview.pngLocal tax dollars need to be reinvested right back into the community in the form of clean parks, longer library hours, and reliable infrastructure such as sewer and roads.

Coronado successfully negotiated a maintenance agreement with Caltrans to increase local control over our highway and roads to provide better service for our residents and increase library hours without adding any additional expenses to our budget.

As Mayor, I will make sure we continue reinvesting tax dollars back into our community and setting the expectation of doing more with less.  

Coronado Bridge

The Coronado Bridge needs suicide-deterrents to save lives and keep traffic moving.”

Bridge_preview.pngSince the Coronado Bridge first opened in 1969, it has safely transported millions of vehicles and now averages nearly 80,000 cars trips each day. Unfortunately, the bridge has also been the scene of over 400 suicides and thousands of attempted suicides. Every attempted suicide results in a bridge closure for, often, several hours. In 2016, nineteen people jumped to their death and thirty-five other people went to the top of the bridge, but thankfully, decided against ending their life.

The installation of suicide-deterrents intersects both mental health and transportation issues. It is an issue we can solve to ensure lives are saved and traffic moves smoothly.